Pet Photography: A Business You Can Start from Home

If you love animals and you’re also a photography enthusiast, you’ve most likely shot not just a few but several photos of animals. Pets are perhaps the most photographed subjects in the world today, next only to children and tourist spots.

It isn’t at all surprising then that pet photography is doing well as a business in recent years. So if you have a flair for photography and a love for animals, and you’re looking for a business you can start from home, a career in pet photography may just be right for you.

How to Get Started in Pet Photography

Basically, all you need to start a pet photography home business is a decent camera and a good eye. If you were to establish a photography business with people as your subjects, it’s a requirement that you have your own studio. However, when animals are your main focus, a studio isn’t a requirement.

As a matter of fact, taking pictures of pets outdoors or in their own homes is a much better idea because these places are much more comfortable for the animals.

To make your photographs a lot more interesting, have an arsenal of props to use during your photo sessions. You don’t need to invest in expensive items either. Usually, simple things like a ball and a chew toy are enough to add interest to any shot.

During your first few days or weeks as a pet photographer, you’ll likely be taking pictures mostly of dogs and cats or other common domestic animals. As word gets out and as your skills evolve, however, expect to be asked to photograph more exotic pets like iguanas or tarantulas, so this may be something to prepare yourself for.

Purchasing Your Camera

If you’ve never purchased a professional camera before, prepare yourself for sticker shock. DSLR cameras do cost considerably more than the regular automatic ones but they have many more features you can use in your pet photography home business.

In the beginning, a standard DSLR camera will do quite nicely but if you want to be able to capture the shots from a wide variety of angles and use different effects, think about buying special lenses that can do the job more efficiently.

In addition to the camera itself, you’ll need accessories such as tripods, extra batteries, flash heads, memory cards, and so on. However, if you don’t have the budget yet, you don’t need to buy these accessories all at once. You can accumulate them gradually over the next few months as your business grows.

Finding Clients

There are millions of people out there who are interested in having their pets photographed professionally, but how do you let them know about the services you’re offering? This is where advertising comes in.

Start by creating your own website or blog. Write some things about what you do and what you’re offering. Take sample pictures of neighborhood pets as well and post these shots online so people can see your style. Post links to your site on pet websites, forums, or even the local newspaper. Before you know it, clients will be giving you a call and you’ll be on your way to being a bona fide pet photographer.

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