How to Have a Great Photography Vacation

Most people want to come home from their trip with great memories and photos. This is especially important for a photographer, as each vacation is a chance for them to have a great photography vacation too. Below you will find great tips for coming back with terrific images to share and add to your portfolio collection.

Layout the Plan First

The key to success in almost any venture is proper planning, which is no less important in travel photography. Think about the type of images you want to capture and plan your gear accordingly. Layout the lenses you will need to capture those images. Charge your batteries and format your memory cards.

But don’t just plan your photography equipment; you need to think about clothing and accessories as well. If you will be venturing out before dawn, and you should:

  • Make sure you have warm clothing.
  • Pack some good walking or hiking shoes.
  • Include a good hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect you during long days of shooting.
  • For quick, unexpected trips, always have a go-bag ready with the essentials so you can throw in your camera and hit the road.
  • Finally, scout your location.

Use Maps to Your Advantage

How are you going to scout a place you’ve never been to before? Google it, of course! Look at other images people have taken at the same venue to get some ideas. Put the spot in Google Maps and look at both satellite and street views to get some perspective and shooting angles. Looking at it on a map, plot out where sunrise and sunset will be coming from.

Take Your Time and Have Fun

It’s nice to have a plan, but it’s not written in stone. As you travel through a new area, always be on the lookout for that unexpected scene. Take side trips if you spot an interesting sign pointing to a landmark. Once you get to a location, either one you planned for or an unexpected one, don’t just jump out and snap a picture. Take your time. Walk around and look at it from different angles. Pay attention to the light and the background.

And most important, have fun. You’re on vacation. Don’t get stressed out over your images. Enjoy the trip and grab shots when and where you can. You want to come home not only with great pictures but a feeling that you have been on a great photography vacation.

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